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A DJ's Story

After spending the previous ten years as a mobile custom car electronics technician, Jose Olmedo wanted a new outlet to bridge his love of music with his passion for high quality sound. The result; In Phase-Events. Created in 2016, In Phase-Events is the PNW’s choice for professional, tailored DJ services. From weddings, special and corporate events, and everything in between, In Phase-Events has positioned itself to provide world-class DJ services with unmatched customer satisfaction. Look at our services and see how we can take your event or big day to the next level.

You want to dance—let us provide the music.

Jessica Olmedo


Day of Coordinating

I didn't know how much I loved planning out all the details of a wedding, until I was planning our own. I found comfort in organizing all of the pieces of our big day in our Wedding binder. I still have that binder. It is forever, part of our history. 

Once we started having children, and it was time to organize their birthdays, I felt that same joy of putting together the decor,  making sure there was enough food, and watching my guests relax and enjoy our children.

We were the first of our families and friends to tie the knot. As soon as some of our loved ones started getting married, I couldn't wait to help in any way I could. I assumed I would be helping make paper mache flowers to decorate the venue with, or helping cut up food for the reception. To my suprise, I wound up helping direct the bridal parties at the rehearsal, making the bouquets with the bride the night before, decorating the venue, while the bride was having her hair done, and Emceeing the reception, while the DJ grabbed a quick bite to eat.

I Loved it! To be able to bring some peace of mind to these brides and grooms was my goal.  Watching them enjoy their wedding day and not have to stress was beautiful. 

So, I decided to start offering my new found love of Day of Coordinating

to you. I am excited to be a part of your unique wedding.